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Couples Conflict Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to identify the key interpersonal factors that maintain behavioural conflict in relationships.  The results can be used to identify perceived differences and highlight important targets for behavioural change.  The questionnaire  can be completed independently by both partners and results can be used to explore differences in perception and behaviour.  Please rate each statement as honestly as possible using the following rating scale:

1. Attacking the other person's personality or character.
2. Blaming the other person when things go wrong.
3. Using overgeneralisations during disagreements "you always, you never."
4. Striking at an emotional vulnerability or weakness to hurt the other person.
5. Pointing out mistakes and inadequacies.
6. Using insults and Name calling.
7. Using Hostile humour, sarcasm or mockery.
8. Showing negative body language and using a negative tone of voice.
9. Demeaning the other person in front of other people.
10. Making decisions without concern for the other person's feelings.
11. Playing the victim or innocent party.
12. Yes butting - starting by agreeing and then disagreeing.
13. Making excuses or deflecting the causes to circumstances beyond ones control.
14. Matching a criticism or complaint with a criticism or complaint of one's own.
15. Repeating one's self without paying attention to what the other person is saying.
16. Using stony silence during conflict.
17. Avoiding eye-contact after disagreements.
18. Using monosyllabic mutterings or speaking under one's breath.
19. Changing the subject in an attempt to avoid the issue.
20. Leaving the room or walking away from conflict.

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